Vision and key goals to implement



  • Boost holders of all eco-system ​tokens

  • Increase adoption of Crolon Mars ​the Metaverse, Marswap Dex(s)


  • Boost value on all Crolon Mars ​eco-system tokens

Our goal is to bring mass adoption to the Marswap Dex across all chains and to serve as a gateway to ‘Crolon Mars the ​Metaverse’ and Shibarium L2, creating revenue to sustain its ongoing development and ensure its continued ​effectiveness.

Through strategic enhancements, user-friendly features, and robust security measures inclusive of community feedback, ​we will position Marswap as a leading decentralized exchange, fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits both ​seasoned and novice users.

With a commitment to innovation and community engagement, we envision Marswap as a cornerstone in the ​decentralized finance landscape, driving widespread adoption and contributing to the evolution of the broader blockchain ​ecosystem.








DEX Rebranding

Fund Raising

UI / UX revamp

Multichain CA´s

Metaverse Live


Land Sales

Game Launch

Bridge ETH /Shib

L3 Gamefi Chain


Not started


DEX Rebranding / UX Revamp:

  • Refine the DEX's brand identity, logo, and visual elements for a modern and compelling image.
  • Implement a user-friendly and intuitive interface to enhance the overall trading experience
  • Incorporate responsive design for seamless navigation across devices.

Fund raise:

  • Create a fund raise in order to create multi LP pools, depending of the value raised, our goal is to c​reate a LP Pool for $mswap on Uniswap and Marswap.

Launch Dex Multi Chain Capability:

  • Integrate the DEX with multiple blockchain networks, such as Shibarium, Ethereum, Binance Smart​ Chain, Polygon, Cronos and others.​
  • Enable users to trade assets from different blockchains seamlessly within the same platform.​
  • Support trading pairs involving cryptocurrencies from various blockchain networks.​
  • Expand the range of available tokens, catering to users holding assets on different blockchains.​
  • Empower users with the flexibility to choose the blockchain that aligns with their preferences,​ security considerations, and transaction speed requirements.​
  • Explore collaborations with projects and platforms on different blockchain networks.​
  • Implementing DEX Multi-Chain Capability represents a significant step towards creating a more​ inclusive, versatile, and user-centric decentralized exchange, fostering greater adoption and​ participation in the decentralized finance landscape.​

Land Sales:

  • Land sales will bring even more revenue to the eco-system , using part of the revenue to ​strengthen CrolonMars token and eco-system.
  • Crolon Mars the Metaverse will also explore the opportunities present in allowing the importing of ​multi-chain assets

Game Launch:

  • Play to Beat! the game will allow you to make wages with your friends, in order to be the best you ​can purchase upgrades to your gaming assets, this will also bring revenue to Crolon Mars eco-​system.

Bridge ETH to SHIB:

  • Since the genesis of Marswap, the goal was to bridge Marswap to SHIBARIUM, as the chain evolves ​we will consider this as a step towards interoperability of Marswap DEX(s)

L3 Gamefi Chain:

  • The L3 Gamefi Chain is a blockchain network designed specifically for Gamefi, a fusion of gaming ​and decentralized finance (DeFi). This chain is tailored to meet the unique requirements of gaming ​ecosystems, enabling the creation and operation of blockchain-based games with integrated ​financial elements inclusive of but not limited to micro transactions, speed of operation etc.

token cost

  • The fund raising plus multi pools creation ​will have a need of 22% of tokens that are ​locked

  • Fund Raising - need 112 Bi $MSWAP tokens

  • LP Creation - need 107,25 Bi $MSWAP tokens
  • Marketing - 2 Bi of $MSWAP tokens

new token distribution

How to bring revenue to $MSWAP

  • Every transaction in every chain will charge a flat fee
  • Land Sales from metaverse.
  • Fees from utilizing all utilities we provide on the multichain DEX
  • Revenue from KYC and Audits services.
  • Revenue from the Game.
  • Revenue from NFTS sold on the Metaverse
  • Fees From agregator

Revenue breakdown

How everything connects!

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Why Swap on earth ​when you can swap on ​Mars?

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